The Babies

Joy and Josh, along with their neighbors, Chrissy and Jack, Paulo and Jessica, are happy new parents of healthy, growing babies who just keep…growing. As the unseen babies grow to gargantuan size and place increasing demands on their beleaguered parents, no one seems to notice anything is out of the ordinary. Meanwhile, a series of parenting experts offer advice, insisting that Joy and mothers everywhere can “have it all.” Yet with enormous babies who are literally destroying their homes, Joy and her friends find that dream increasingly impossible to achieve.

With giant babies as a metaphor for the seemingly hopeless balancing act required of contemporary mothers, The Babies is a surreal, laugh-out-loud comedy, a weird marriage of Ionesco and Neil Simon that has something important to say about the current state of parenthood.

It’s Your Own Damn Fault IYODF logo final

A Musical Comedy in 2 1/2 Acts

Music by Lon Hoyt

Book and  Lyrics by Richie Chevat

It’s Your Own Damn Fault is the story of Hercules’ mortal half-brother, Demicles, and his quest to become a god.  It’s a hilarious romantic comedy that also has something to say about inequality, luck, the one percent (the gods) and the ninety-nine percent (us mortals).

When Demicles and Hercules both say they want to become gods, Zeus declares a contest between the two. Aided by gods and demigods, they each must kill a Many-Headed Hydra, defeat the Furies, make it through the Valley of the Amazons, hold the sky on their shoulders and retrieve a golden apple from the Garden of Hera. While singing and dancing. Only Demicles seems to see the basic unfairness of this competition, but as the gods keep telling him, if you can’t keep up with Hercules, It’s Your Own Damn Fault. 

With a catchy, R&B and pop- inspired score, It’s Your Own Damn Fault is a show that is funny, entertaining and thought-provoking.

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Who Needs Men?WNM poster Seoul

A fast-paced farce, Who Needs Men? had its world premiere at the Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, South Korea. This uproarious comedy features a young woman’s search for the perfect man and a young man’s attempt to find out what the perfect man is so he can fake being one.

With her parents about to arrive from the Midwest, Terry and her boyfriend Joe have a fight. Terry seeks a temporary stand-in for Joe. Unfortunately, the only man available is Charlie, the skirt-chasing unemployed actor who lives next door. Terry tries to teach Charlie how to behave as a model boyfriend: sensitive, supportive, and emotionally open.

Terry’s best friend Maggie, the lesbian author of a best-selling book titled, “Who Needs Men?” gives Charlie a contradictory set of instructions. She assumes Terry’s parents will be most pleased by a macho, chauvinistic, man’s man.

Charlie gets his instructions mixed up. In front of Terry’s mother he is sensitive and not afraid to cry. In front of Terry’s father he is patronizing and insensitive. The result is that both parents love him. When Terry’s real boyfriend returns, both parents wind up hating him. Complications pile up as more characters arrive and Charlie tries desperately to match each one’s expectations for modern manhood.

It’s Just Sex

A Musical Comedy Revue

Music by Joe Baker

Book and Lyrics by Richie Chevat


A mix of comedy and songs that’s hilarious, weird and silly, just like –sex. In this revue you’ll see our bisexual soap opera, hear our Ode to Premature Ejaculation and play, “Who Wants to Have Sex Tonight?” You’ll love our climax, too. It’s a show for (almost) anyone because after all — It’s Just Sex.

One Acts

Richie Has had several one-act plays produced Off-Off-Broadway, including: Not On the First Date; Yes, No, Maybe (Twelve Miles West Theater); Megasex 3000 (George Street Lounge); Every 30 Seconds (Polaris North Theater).